Booking / Connecting Flights

Self Connect

Self-Connect is where you book separate tickets with more than one airline. While this approach may give you greater flexibility and possibly work out cheaper it has disadvantages.

If you are travelling with two different airlines booked on separate tickets, we advise you to leave sufficient connection time and factor in flight delays, long queues for Immigration, Security and Check-In.

If you have purchased two separate tickets Proflight has no liability for any expense or inconvenience caused in the event of misconnection caused by the delay or cancellation of your connecting flight, regardless of the reason. Also, the other airline involved in a Self Connect itinerary will not accept any responsibility for missed connections.

Proflight is only responsible transporting you for the journey specified on the Proflight ticket, for example Mfuwe to Lusaka. Once you've arrived at your ticketed destination (in this example, Lusaka) the contract between yourself and Proflight is complete.

Published Connections

Our interline partners Emirates Airlines, Ethiopian, Kenya Airways, RwandAir and South African Airways offer ready made connections to/from their international network to destinations in Zambia, Malawi and South Africa served by Proflight. These connections take into account the Minimum Connection Times and you have the assurance that your onward flights are included in a single reservation record.

Booking a single ticket also provides added protection. In the unlikely case of you missing your international flight due to a delay on your Proflight connection we'll take responsibility for re-booking you, etc, - see our Bill of Rights for more information


Proflight to Proflight Connections

If you are travelling on a ticket issued by Proflight and you are connecting between two Proflight flights booked separately it is important that the flight details of the connecting flight are recorded in your booking. This can be done by your travel agent or through Proflight Zambia's reservations department, Furthermore you should advise the check-in agent at the first check-in point (Origin of your journey) that you have a connection and state your final destination.