Planning / On Board


On flights operated by CRJ and J41 aircraft your flight attendant will offer you a complimentary light snack and beverages during your flight. If you are travelling on a Caravan C208 aircraft there is a self-service cooler 'Tuck-Box' containing snacks and drinks (Water only on 30 minute Lusaka/ Lower Zambezi flights)

On flights between Lusaka and Durban (and vv) we will serve you a complimentary light meal accompanied by juice, water or beer. Please note that we cannot provide special dietary or religious meals such as Halal or Kosher.


  • Umoyo Health Snack (Oatmeal cookies or Banana Chips), 2 x mini-Muffins
  • A choice of fruit juice or mineral water
  • Umoyo salted nuts and an assorted flavour of crisps
  • A choice of fruit juice or mineral water


  • Umoyo Salted nuts and assorted flavour of crisps
  • On Midday and afternoon/evening flights you'll be offered a choice of mineral water, juices or beer


While punctuality is important, it is your safety that is our primary concern. We require that you comply with the crew's instructions at all times.

Safety features vary by aircraft type and we ask you to pay special attention to the Safety briefing and to read the Passenger Briefing Card in the seat pocket or in the pocket adjacent to your seat.

Cabin Baggage

Our commuter-type turbo-prop and CRJ regional jet aircraft do not have the large overhead stowage compartments that are common on larger jet aircraft used on long-haul flights. For this reason we ask you to comply with our limit of one cabin bag weighing a maximum of 5 kgs.

For safety reasons your cabin baggage must fit into the approved stowage areas under the seat in front of you (except at bulk-head and exit rows) or in the overhead compartment. If we cannot safely fit your hand cabin baggage in the cabin it will be tagged and placed in the hold and delivered to you at the aircraft door or baggage belt on arrival.

Nkwazi Magazine

Nkwazi is the Proflight Zambia in-flight magazine first published in January 2013 and is your free copy when travelling on board.

The full colour magazine contains an interesting mix of articles focusing on Zambian culture, arts, travel and entertainment. If you would like a preview and to read the current issue please click here to access the mobile version.

If you are interested in advertising in Nkwazi please e-mail