Planning / Special Assistance

Expectant Women

You and your unborn baby are a priority to us and to avoid any unnecessary risks we recommend all expectant mothers consult a doctor before booking their ticket. For the safety and comfort of all pregnant women travelling by air, the following regulations shall apply:

Up to 28 weeks

Proflight Zambia will carry pregnant women without a doctor's certificate but the woman may be asked to sign an indemnity form confirming that they are less than 28 weeks pregnant... please download EMIS form below.


28 to 36 weeks

Proflight Zambia require a doctor's certificate confirming that the passenger is fit to fly and specifying the date that the baby is due and this certificate must be produced at check-in... please download EMIS form below.


36 weeks and over

Proflight Zambia will not carry women during this period of pregnancy under any circumstances.

It is the responsibility of pregnant women to advise Proflight Zambia of their condition at the time the reservation is being made. If the reservation is made online you must email the booking reference.

Travel with newborns

A new born is permitted to travel from 2 days old but we would recommend that travel is not done before 7 days old. For more information please download our Expectant Mother’s Information Sheet (EMIS).

Expectant Mother's Information Sheet (EMIS)