Published: 23 June
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Proflight, Zambia’s leading local airline, has announced the appointment of Captain Philip Lemba as chairman to its Board of Directors, effective from May 26, 2020.

Capt. Lemba replaces Vincent Malambo, who became the Chairman of the Proflight Board in 2011.

Prior to the appointment, Captain Lemba served as Proflight’s Director of Government and Industry Affairs, bringing almost four decades of experience in the aviation sector in Zambia.

“Captain Lemba is well known to all at Proflight and as one of the most senior aviators in Zambia, is well qualified to guide Proflight Zambia through this turbulent period in the history of the airline and the industry as a whole,” said Proflight Corporate Director Chitalu Kabalika.

“Capt. Lemba brings on board an incomparable wealth of experience and strategic vision to the company, having been a pioneer for many years in Zambia’s aviation industry,” said Mr Kabalika. “His lengthy tenure in the industry, in addition to his experience in governance affairs, will add unique depth to our board.”

Mr Kabalika also noted that the new board chairman’s industry experience will give Proflight valuable insight on how the airline will navigate the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that has negatively hit airlines across the world, and that his appointment is a strong endorsement of Proflight’s future prospects.

On behalf of all shareholders, Managing Director Tony Irwin expressed appreciation to the outgoing chairman, Mr Malambo, for his exceptional contributions, exemplary leadership throughout the years of serving the company.

The new board chairman expressed gratitude for the appointment and said he looked forward to working with the board to take the company to new heights.

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to chair Proflight’s board with Mr Irwin, whose leadership and vision as managing director have positioned the company to achieve extraordinary success over time, and to work with the entire Proflight team in continuing to evolve the company for a new stage of growth,” Capt. Lemba said.

Capt. Lemba embarked on his career in the aviation industry in 1965 as a young man of 24 years, as one of the country’s first ten trainee pilots. He has served in the Zambian Air Force and as captain of the country’s former national carrier, Zambia Airways, and spent seven years flying 737’s for Kenya Airways.