The nation’s leading aviation enthusiasts have given the thumbs-up to the latest addition to Proflight Zambia’s fleet of aircraft.

Six keen flying buffs from the Zambian Aviation Enthusiasts (ZAE) Facebook group took to the skies recently as passengers to sample flights across the country on Proflight’s new 50-seater Bombardier Dash 8-Q300 aircraft, which flies from Lusaka to Livingstone, Ndola, Mfuwe and Solwezi.

Zambian Aviation Enthusiasts is a social media group for global aviation lovers who share a passion for aviation issues. Proflight spotted the group after noticing how passionate the members in the group were about flying and aircraft.

Six members of the group each flew on their desired destinations and back, and were abuzz as they flew to Proflight’s top domestic destinations: Lusaka, Mfuwe, Ndola, Solwezi and Livingstone.

With clear skies the day began, with the flight fanatics eager to step aboard and feel the comfort of flying on the Dash 8. For some it was the first time to fly. For others, it was a time to appreciate the new bird flying across Zambia’s skies.

Some took advantage of the convenience and comfort of the new Bombardier twin-engined, medium-range, turboprop airliner to visit family. Some members of the group took their flights simply to check out all that the stretched Dash 8 50 seater aircraft has to offer.

And the fans were delighted with Proflight’s aircraft and service.

Lutangu Wasilota said: “The experience accorded to me by Proflight Zambia to try out their new Dash-8 Q300 aircraft is out of this world. When something is unbelievable, people are usually speechless. The only thing I can do now is grin to myself.

“Proflight Zambia’s staff are extremely good, so friendly and down to earth. Meeting them in person for the first time, I felt like I had known them for ages. This makes them the best flight service so far. Not that am trying to please them but just comparing them to other airlines I have used, they are the best!”

“The ‘Dash’ was just a beast! A powerful machine. Spacious, comfortable and flies like a stallion!” he added.

Mr Wasilota flew to Solwezi. He said: “During the flight we were offered snacks and me being a ‘real Zambian’, I asked for second helpings, commonly known as ‘bvela’! Flying to Solwezi at 22,500 feet was smooth sailing all the way.

“The air hostess was great, real friendly. The flight crew was great. Real nice people. Real nice company were customers are valued highly. Never a dull moment. They make you feel like family.”

Another aviation enthusiast, Ken Nabita said: “Yesterday I finally had my chance of flying in the new Dash 8-Q300 plane. This is a true definition of #Planesmart.

“The aircraft is super spacious with world-class in-flight services. The flight itself was perfect with smooth climbing and descent and the landing was superb. For once I thought I was on an international flight until the Captain announced we were beginning our descent into Mfuwe. Big thanks to Proflight for giving me an opportunity to fly. Looking forward to flying with Proflight Zambia again.”

And Maimbolwa Simasiku said: “My night flight was great on the Dash 8-Q300, as I got to see a different landscape of Zambia, compared to flying during the day. It was a smooth take off, enjoyable while flying and the aircraft had a smooth landing that saw the passengers cheering. This was a very rare opportunity and I enjoyed myself.”

Cosmas Mwewa said: “I enjoyed the flight, as it was my first time to fly, the experience was awesome, cruising at 20,000 feet was the best experience ever. I got give credit to the crew, well experienced, three men who love what they with that passion of making sure that people are safe. Our flight attendant was exceptional, she recognized me on my way back to Lusaka,”

Meanwhile Bright Mweemba made a video of his trip available at https://youtu.be/YBsbXMbBXq8

The ZAE group aims to educate, share, post and update each other on flying around the globe.

In the group people are free to ask questions like: "How does a plane fly?" or any other basic questions. Not everyone in the group is an aviation professional. Group members are there to help each other and build each other’s knowledge of aviation.

Proflight welcomed the ZAE members and thanked them for taking the opportunity to fly on the airline’s efficient and spacious aircraft – that flyers are clearly falling in love with.

Proflight Zambia, established in 1991, operates up to 40 scheduled flights a day serving domestic destinations including Livingstone, Ndola, Kasama, Mfuwe, Lower Zambezi and Solwezi.

The airline’s expanding regional network includes Lilongwe in Malawi, Harare in Zimbabwe and Durban in South Africa.

Proflight is a Zambian company with over 200 full-time employees. I prides itself on providing a safe, reliable, efficient and friendly service, and offering good value to business and leisure travellers, both locally and internationally.


About Proflight Zambia

Proflight Zambia was established in 1991 and is Zambia’s leading scheduled airline. From its base in Lusaka its domestic routes include Livingstone, Mfuwe, Lower Zambezi, Kalabo, Ndola, Solwezi, Kasama, Ndola-Solwezi and Ndola-Kasama, and regional routes to Lilongwe in Malawi, Durban in South Africa, and Harare in Zimbabwe.

The airline prides itself in providing a safe, reliable, efficient and friendly service, and offering good value to business and leisure travellers locally and internationally.

The airline operates a 50-seater Bombardier CRJ-100 jet, three 29-seater Jetstream 41 aircraft and two C208 Caravans.

More information is available at www.flyzambia.com.

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